Magic Moon Supply

In our wide variety of goods and gadgets you will definitely find the right utensils to fit your needs for your tattoo parlor.

The Magic Moon tattoo and piercing parlor exists since 1990 and counts as one of the largest and most renown tattoo shops in Germany. We want to use our years of experience and knowledge to provide the best equipment and working conditions for you.2007 we opened up our world renown tattoo supply company for professional tattoo goods.

Take a look and get your equipment today!At Magic Moon you will find everything you need to upgrade or improve your tattoo parlor.

We have selected goods with the highest quality yet affordable prices.

Magic Moon Supply

De Blonde Pater

At Café de Blonde Pater in Nijmegen you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee,

made by our Barista at any moment in the day.

The barista’s have a deep passion for their craft and alway proceed with excellent quality.

From a cappuccino to a Doppio Espresso oor a beautiful latte.

For the perfect cup of coffee you need the right grind, perfect roasted coffee beans and water temperature.

For more than 20 years Cafe de Blonde Pater trains barista’s to true experts.

Without a doubt we can say they serve the best coffee in Nijmegen.

We are very privileged they will foresee use with quality coffee at our convention.

De Blonde Pater

Wild rose Piercings

Come get pierced!

We are WildrosePiercing & MadameStones and we are ready to pierce you, help you find new piercing jewellery or decorate your teeth with new Toothgems.

Together we have over 15 years off experience, and are exited to share this with you!

For the Numaga Tattoo Convention we have special discount prices. Check our website and Instagram or facebook for more information.

See you there.

Love Janne & Simone

Wild rose Piercings

BRL Streetfood

Chef Roel Linssen uses years of cooking experience and travel inspiration to prepare his creative dishes.

The BRL team makes the food choices carefully and with an eye for quality.

You can enjoy a total experience of fresh regional and seasonal products,

at the restaurant in Venray.

Check the website.

At the Convention you can taste a variation off street food dishes,

from Italy to Japan.

From Burgers to salads and from Meat to Vegan.

Freshly prepared with the best local and seasonal ingredients.

BRL Streetfood

The Black & Blue shop

The Black & Blue shop is all about timeless apparel. Rugged dry selvedge denim inspired by classic workwear, Red Wing boots and Stetson and Diefenthal hats and caps.

Enjoy lifestyle staples like American Optical sunglasses and brands like Tivoli audio. Face the outdoors with products like chargeable lights by Barebones and Stanley thermos flasks. Or just kick back at the store, share stories and take in the brotherly atmosphere. Smell the fresh leather when Byboaz is whipping up some new custom leatherwork, fabricating bags, belts and other accessories the old-fashioned way.

Black and Blue Shop

The Black & Blue shop

Neil’s Barbershop

Sit back, relax, have a drink, a good conversation and let the barber take care of the rest.

For a smooth shave, a good trim or a clean cut. At Neil’s Barbershop you’re in good hands.

Neil’s Barbershop

Neil’s Barbershop

By Boaz

100% handmade leathergoods out of natural or handdyed vegtan leather. Custom, made to order or in small batch.
Everything handmade in Nijmegen in The Netherlands. By Boaz is homebased in the coolest store in the country, Black and Blue located on Lange Hezelstraat 92 in Nijmegen. You're welcome to pick up your orders or just to say hi or look around.
Also check #ByBoaz on social media.

By Boaz

Bastiaanse High Spirits

When the world was upside down in 2021, Bart Bastiaanse started his Dutch Craft Distillery in Tilburg.

His mission is too distill small batches of high quality products. Quality above quantity.

The distillery focuses to distill Rum, Whiskey and also the production of liquors. 

100% Craftsmanship, all produced in our private distillery.

Whether it is Rum, Whiskey from unpeated to Heavily peated, the Magic happens at the distillery.

Bastiaanse High Spirits stands for honest production methods, high quality and unique products.

We are proud to make these high quality products, and we do so with love.

Insta: Bastiaanse High Spirts 

Bastiaanse High Spirits

De Botte Naald

De Botte Naald.

Pimping mostly vintage frames with handmade rude kitsch art. 

With embroidery art Kirsten creates unique and beautiful artwork with a twist by using creative, funny and rude frases in handmade embroidery frames.

If you’d like a custom piece,  send her a Dm on Instagram.

Insta: De Botte Naald 

De Botte Naald

Funky Malice

Funky Malice is a new brand inspired by Hiphop, Metal, Graffiti, HC/Punk, Tattoos, Skateboarding and Streetculture.

The duo behind Funky Malice is active in both the underground music scene and the world of tattooing. Giving their merch, stickers and prints an authentic feel that is sadly missing in today's "urban" brand landscape.

Funky Malice


Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment is dermatologically tested to help heal and protect Tattoos. 

The formula with Pro-vitamin B5 creates a waterproof and breathable protective layer that provides the moisture level needed to help the skin to regenerate from within and to stabilise the natural skin barrier function.

Free from Preservatives and Fragrances

93% of users on average feel that the product soothes their tattooed skin*[1]

Dermatologically tested From Bepanthen, the Global number 1 in Medicated skincare[2]

Also suitable for aftercare following cosmetic Tattooing

Can Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment cause tattoo colour fading?